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Feel 6 Years Younger in 6 weeks

Feel 6 years younger in 6 weeks by simply identifying where your bodies weaknesses lie. There are often multiple areas that keep you trapped in the daily drudgeries of life. Identifying what your weaknesses are is the key to getting the right care. To get the help you need now email us at and you will be connected with a specialist who can help you recharge. What are some common weaknesses that can zap your zip?

1) INSOMNIA. Insomnia is defined as troubles falling asleep, waking at night more than two times, whether you are able to get back to sleep or not, or waking too early in the morning after 6 hours or less of sleep. In some people even the disruption of being woken once during the night is enough to create tiredness the next day. Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep a night is crucial to re-energize your body and your brain.

2) HYPOTHYROID. Your thyroid is your battery. If your battery is low it doesnít matter how good your overall machinery is, it will run slow. Every cell in your body is powered by your thyroid gland. So a sluggish thyroid can make you feel like everything is an effort. Common symptoms associated with a low thyroid include: fatigue, constipation, dry skin, hair loss, poor memory, and fluid retention. Understanding the complexity of thyroid testing is crucial to making the right diagnosis and a TSH is a start, but itís not enough. To read more about the thyroid gland click here.

3) HYPO-ADRENAL. If youíre noticing that you donít adapt as well to the pressures of life, it is a good sign that you may need to have your adrenal function assessed. Your adrenal glands are your stress-adapting glands. Their job is to help you not notice all the bumps of life. Any pressure that you experience including job stress, hurrying throughout your day or being too busy, a surgery, a car accident, blood sugar swings, sleep deprivation either because of insomnia or by choice, a death in the family or even a natural life process such as pregnancy or menopause will cause stress on your body that the adrenal glands will attempt to squelch. The more stress you have the more work the adrenals have. With repeated insults over time, your glands can become exhausted. With the help of your naturopathic physician a simple test can be run to identify the state of your adrenal health.

4) FOOD ALLERGIES. An often-missed cause of fatigue is food choice. Food that is healthy for one person may be toxic to another. As an example, a common food allergen that triggers fatigue and digestive complaints in numerous people is wheat. The challenging part is the reaction may not be noticed for up to 3 days. Since the typical American diet contains wheat at least 2 times in a single day, you would be continually reacting to what you ate previously, so the food reaction fatigue state becomes the norm. Identification of food allergies or sensitivities is crucial for optimum energy.

5) DYSBIOSIS or CANDIDA. Dysbiosis is a term that refers to Ďbad bugs in the gutí. Candida is one of the possible bad bugs. However, there are numerous forms of pathogenic (disease causing) yeast, bacteria, or parasites that can overgrow in your gastrointestinal tract. Pathogenic organisms will flourish in the presence of antibiotics, sugars, alcohol, hormone replacement, and processed food. They can also flourish in cases of enzyme deficiency or hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid). The stronger their presence the more metabolic by-products they release into your intestinal tract triggering cravings and fatigue and often weight gain. These by-products also cause microscopic damage to the mucus membrane lining of your gut. When the damage continues for many years you can develop a condition call Leaky Gut Syndrome, which will lead to immune system disorders, food allergies or sensitivities, malnutrition, irritable bowel, and chronic fatigue. A more extreme form of damage to the mucosal lining occurs if a person has Celiac disease. This is a condition where all gluten containing foods must be avoided. Testing for dysbiosis is a simple stool and saliva test, but the interpretation can be complex so it should be done along side your naturopathic physician.

6) ANEMIA. Ė Anemia is a condition where your iron content becomes so low that you are unable to carry sufficient oxygen to your cells. Oxygen runs the battery of all your cells and when you are low you feel fatigued. There are a variety of types of anemia including iron, B6, and B12 deficient anemia. Testing for anemia requires a simple blood test that looks at your iron level, your iron storage level, and a few other blood cell quality readings.

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