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RESTART®, Refresh, Renew
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

Our new nutritional therapist, Jenn, is leading a 5-week RESTART® program on January 12th 2021.

Call Jenn at 360 573 2273 to register today or email!

RESTART® is the best way to get cleaned out from the holidays and start your year on track.

Increased Energy
Decreased Anxiety
Clothes Fit Better
More Restful Sleep
Boosted Immune Function
Improved Clarity and Focus

The RESTART® Program is a simple, powerful way to give your body a vacation from sugar and processed foods. The program focuses on how to use REAL FOOD to boost your energy and cut sugar and carb cravings.

Start your year right. Call Jenn at 360-573-2273 or email to save your place. Space is limited.

Bring your Family and Friends and get Energized Together

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Benefits of the 5 week RESTART® program:
• Boosted Immune Function
• Clothes Fit Better
• More Restful Sleep
• Increased Energy
• Reduced cravings
• Restored vitality
• Restored health & goals

Decreased Anxiety
More Restful Sleep
Less Heartburn / GERD
Better Digestive Function
Improved Clarity and Focus
Reduced joint and muscle pain

This structured program includes:
• 4 Support group meetings
• Food plan & Cleanse protocol
• Purifying Supplement
• Healthful Recipes
• Ongoing Support
• Daily support emails

“Are You Toxic? Do you need to Purify Renew and Restore?"

You can assume you are not properly eliminating toxins if you suffer from any of the below conditions:

• Difficulty Sleeping
• Digestive Issues
• High Cholesterol
• Gas or Bloating
• High Blood Pressure
• Sugar and Carb Cravings
• Excessive Belly Fat
• Weight Issues
• Cellulite
• Brain Fog
• Low Libido
• Fatigue
• Mood Swings
• Headaches
• Acne, Eczemas, or Rashes
• Constipation
• Joint Pain
• Inflammation
• Immune Challenges
• …And the list goes on

Do not accept that these as a “normal” part of the aging process!
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“What Can I Do?”
Attend our Purification Program and learn how you can detoxify your body and begin a pathway to a newer healthier you.

"What is Included in the Purification Program?”
• 4 educational group workshop
• Initial toxicity assessment questionnaire to evaluate your starting point
• Journal to track your progress
• Detailed instructional booklet on the program guidelines
• Recipes to help keep you on the right track
• Enrollment in the purification coach program with daily emails to help your success
• Group structure helps keep you accountable and motivated
• Supportive sharing environment with people who share the same health goals
• Supplements that speed clearing of toxins from you kidneys, liver, intestinal tract, and lymphatic system: This includes
2 Naked Greens antioxidant organic green vegetable and fruit blend
2 SP Complete a hypoallergenic detoxifying protein to ensure proper
nutriture during the program and to aid antioxidant liver protection.
2 Gastrofiber to speed intestinal cleansing
1 Sp Greens mix, a cruciferous concentrate to speed elimination of
xenotoxins via the liver.
• Antioxidant protection

How Do I Register and What Does it Cost?

Registration Form

The cost for the entire program including the 4 group sessions with individualized detoxification assessment score, email support, 2 Naked Greens, 2 SP Complete, 2 Gastrofiber, 1 SP Greens, and 1 SP Cleanse to last the full 4 weeks and carry you into the next month, instruction booklet and recipes. To do this full program as an individual in the clinic would cost you over $700. This group program is offered for only $395. Or if you bring a family member or friend the cost is only $299.

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Lets start the year off right!To register print and complete the registration form that is attached above as a pdf. Once it is completed you can either fax it to 360 573 4780 or scan it and email it to If you have challenges with any of these steps please call us at 360 573 2273.

Register today and reserve your spot, space is limited.

Dr. Heather Boyd Roberts, ND and Edna Ness
A Natural Choice