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Lead and Mercury found in USDA Organic Consumables from China

USDA organic does not require that the food or herbs that are certified organic be free of heavy metals and in fact places no limits on the level of lead, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, mercury or other industrial or chemical pollutants in organic food products. This makes anything that we eat or touch that comes from China questionable. The air and water in China is too toxic to be able to create anything that produces health, especially anything "organic."

As Americans we have become comforted by the USDA organic symbol, but we need to understand what it is not. If the food is not produced in the Unites States and a few other countries, it does not a guarantee that your food is free from toxic materials. This leads to big concerns not only with our food, but also with the supplements we consume.

The World Health Organization web sites states that in 2008, melamine, a compound used in the manufacturing of kitchen utensils, adhesives, plastics and other products (definitely not a food), was found in infant formula produced in China and lead to 300,000 victims, 54,000 hospitalizations and 6 infant deaths due to kidney stones or kidney failure. It was added to boost profits after watering down milk. In 2007 melamine was found in wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate exported from China and used in the manufacture of pet food in the United States. This caused the death of a large number of dogs and cats due to kidney failure.

Dr. Karl S. Kruszelnicki from ABC Science states that 80 per cent of the green tea is produced in China and that a study in 2006 found lead levels in Chinese green teas were 50 times the maximum permitted level. The pre-prepared bottled green tea beverages were mostly loaded with sugar and extra caffeine and usually didn't carry the advertised quantities of good green tea chemicals as claimed on the label, but they did serve up an extra 2.5 mcg of lead per serving.

Natural News does heavy metal testing on numerous products that can be purchased in the United States. They test herbs, dog treats, supplements, teas and whatever catches their fancy. They have found high lead in Ginko biloba, dog treats, Garden of Life supplements, and even cacao to name just a few items.

I, Dr. Boyd Roberts, at A Natural Choice, do a lot of heavy metal testing and over the past few years have found lead levels on the rise. Mercury has always been the primary issue in my radar because of the mercury laden vaccinations and dental amalgams, but lead has become more ubiquitous. It is creeping into our household hidden under the snare of the USDA organic label and in other unsuspecting products. So the take home from this is to avoid anything produced in China and read the articles below so you can be aware and ready to protect your family.

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