Stress Test Questionnaire
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

The stress questionnaire is a subjective scale of life events that have the potential to negatively impact your health. This stress test if officially called the Holmes and Rahe social adjustment scale. What Holmes and Rahe found was that your adjustment score determined your risk of developing an illness in the near future. See the scoring system below.

INSTRUCTIONS: Mark down the point value of each of these life events that has happened to you in the previous year. Total these associated points and based on the scale at the bottom of the table determine your risk for developing a stress related health decline within the next 2 years.

EventImpact Score
Death of spouse100
Marital Separation65
Jail Term63
Death of close family member63
Personal injury or illness53
Fired at work47
Marital reconciliation45
Change in health of family member44
Sex difficulties39
Gain of a new family member39
Business readjustment39
Change in financial state38
Death of a close friend37
Change to a different line of work36
Change in number of arguments with spouse35
Mortgage over $20,00031
Foreclosure of Mortgage or loan30
Change in responsibilities at work29
Son or daughter leaving home29
Trouble with in-laws29
Outstanding personal achievement28
Spouse begins or stops work26
Begin or end of school26
Change in living conditions25
Revision of personal habits24
Trouble with boss23
Change in work hours or conditions20
Change in residence20
Change in schools20
Change in church activities19
Change in social activities19
Mortgage or loan less than $20,00017
Change in sleeping habits16
Change in number of family get togethers15
Change in eating habits15
Christmas approaching12
Minor violation of the law11

Now, add up all the points you have to find your score.

150 pts or less = relatively low amount of life change and a low susceptibility to stress-induced health breakdown
150 to 300 pts = about a 50% chance of a major health breakdown in the next 2 years.
300 pts or more = about an 80% chance of developing a major health crisis within the next 2 years according to Holmes/Rahe statistical model.