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Dental Mercury Removal
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

Having a desire to eliminate the mercury from your mouth is a good choice that reduces your total toxic load. This is particularly important for Hashimotos thyroiditis which tends to be contributed to by mercury or viruses, but is important for many other conditions as well.

When you go to have your fillings removed you want to make sure you donít get sick in the process. First, many dentists say that they do safe mercury removal, but they are not quite doing everything that should be done. There are a number of steps that should be followed including:

1) Use of a rubber dam, which most dentists use, but that is the most
minimal step.
2) Use of extra high pressure suction in addition to the small suction that
is normally used.
3) Use oxygen to prevent you breathing the mercury vapor. This is a
very important step that is often ignored. It is important because you
get 70% absorption of the mercury that you breath in, but only 10%
of what you swallow.
4) Also make sure you use compatible dental materials. Many dentists
offer dental materials testing to identify that which will be the safest in
your mouth.

The dentist I use is in Salmon Creek. Her name is Dr. Calderon and she uses a comprehensive safety protocol in her amalgam removal. She is fully aware of the dangers of mercury and will take care to fully remove the material from your mouth and keep you safe in the process. A dentistís belief in the dangers of amalgam is crucial to ensure you have complete removal done in a safer manner.

When you decide to have your fillings removed you want to be on proper drainage, which is a treatment that stimulates cellular detox. It is important to slowly "drain" your tissues of any accumulated metals. It is impossible to not have some exposure during the removal process and you want to make you are actively draining your cells and minimizing the exposure by doing just a few fillings at a time. You should not remove more than 2 to 3 fillings at a time depending on their size and the state of your health due.